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HuntTheUS.com received these pictures in an email. The pictures do not appear to have been changed. However the story  is a fake of sorts. The real story belongs to an Amish boy in Ohio... Apparently someone is sending this out as a buck shot in Wisconsin though it apparently was shot in 2006 in Ohio.
( A new story of a 30 Point Buck shot in 2010 apparently IS real and pictures of the buck can be found on line. )The story is similar to one of an Amish Youth who killed a major deer with similar rack in Kentucky in 2007. However that deer had a drop tines as I recall. The buck had mass similar to this one.

Email Reads: This buck was taken by a 14 year old Amish boy near Dalton WI . He used  a hand made long bow and made the killing shot by  stalking the huge buck using corn shocks for cover. The boy's family would not allow him to  pose with the trophy animal for pictures so a nearby neighbor, A Spokesperson for the family posed with the buck and is also acting as spokesman for the Amish boy. 

The Ohio Story has the young Amish Youth shooting it with an old Crossbow on his family farm, or at least on land near his home.
Update 12-1-08: The Ohio Story has been confirmed as the True Story. The Wisconsin Story is a hoax. This buck was recognized by several sources in 2006. A similar buck was shot in Kentucky in 2007 again by an Amish youth. That buck had drop tines and was one of the largest bucks in  2007. A picture of the Kentucky Amish Buck is below. The man holding it is a friend of the family.

According to The family spokesperson, the Amish family has already received   several  offers from outdoor  sporting companies to purchase the trophy. No dollar amount has been announced yet, but according to the spokesperson, 'the amount of money being offered is enough that no one would ever be hard  up again.

Picture of the 30 Point Buck
making the Email Rounds


   Silencer - Cough Silencer
Sneak Up on  that Buck
I don't hunt without it.

Close Encounter with a Moose.. What happens when you don't have a COW Tag.

This is the Pennyrile Buck. It was killed in Western Kentucky
By an un-named Amish Youth. The Gentleman holding the buck is a friend
of the family. This buck was killed back in 2007 I believe and pictures appeared in
The Courier Journal news paper, and on their website.
I believe it has 34 Visible Points in the picture below.

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