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White Tail Deer

The 30 Point Wisconsin Buck - Pictures and Short Story. Great Mass Non-Typical


The Ammunition Accountability Act
Obama Administration and Supporters are already after your guns and ammo.


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The following 4 pictures were recieved in an email that was forwarded several times.
I am posting here as a service to the users of Hunting Guides Home Page /
I can not verify that the pictures were taken in Logan Utah area, but that is where they are attributed too.

The  Cough Silencer
   Sneak Up on  that Buck   I never Leave Home with out my Cough Silencer. It has saved many hunts.
 Jim Dicken  Owner

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The Atheist in the Woods


Beginning Deer Hunting

My Favorite Hunting Scent

Terrific Results. Bucks come in Head Down and Hot!

My Favorite Hunting Calls
Bluegrass Game Calls

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