How to Ensure The Safety of Your Car

Car accidents marks as the number one cause of death in many countries, followed by drug abuse and deathly diseases. Just as there are ways to prevent drug addiction and diseases, there are also ways you can prevent car accidents from happening. One of them is making sure your car is prepared before any trip, whether it being a short distance or long distance.

You can read more about it here, or you can check out the things you need to do to prep your car so that it won’t cause accidents, explained below.

Check your brake system

Your brake is the key to preventing road accidents, which means you have to inspect it regularly. Try to test your brakes once in a while, do it on a slippery road and a hiking road. Listen for any squeaking or grinding; this might be a signal that there’s something wrong with your brake pad or issues with rotors. Look for possible leaks near your tires, because it could be brake fluid. If something smells like its burning, it’s probably your brake pad sticking. Lastly, if you feel like your vehicle is pulling to the right or left, or it takes longer to stop your car, then something is wrong with your brake system.

Maintain your tires

Tires are the only physical connection you have with the road. Make sure you check your tires regularly to make sure they have the air pressure right and the rubbers provide enough friction so your car won’t easily slip. When buying car tires, you should invest in a high-quality pressure gauge. Regularly replace your tires every five years or so, even when you don’t think it is worn out. Always have a spare tire ready in case anything happens to your current tires.

Check all lights

Most people think that they have to get the brightest light possible, but this might distract the vehicles heading in your direction and endanger you. Find the right lights that provide enough vision for you at night, but won’t be too blinding either. Check your headlights and brake lights, and also check the turn signals and emergency flashers. The interior lamp should provide you adequate vision as well. The alignment of your headlights should be paralleled, and this might shift over time, so make sure you get them back where they’re supposed to be. They should be aimed at the same level because it might confuse you if they don’t.


This is the most obvious and important part of ensuring your car’s safety. You should know what fuel is appropriate for your car, since there are different fuels for different car engines, and using the wrong car fuel might cause your car to run out of it faster. For example, if you use a sports car but you use a city car fuel, it will run out much faster. Make sure you fill up immediately when the low fuel sign is on.…

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How to protect exteriors of a car

For the majority of car owners, what offers them a lot of stress is keeping the look and condition of their cars anew. In fact, the exteriors are a serious concern than even interiors. You must take care of your expensive asset. The following are useful tips to help you keep your car in the right condition.

Ways to maintain car exterior

Spotless exterior

tg2w3df6vhedf82k22You need to wash away external debris using a hose and water. In fact, bird droppings are considered to be the most dangerous enemy to the car’s exterior. This is because they are acidic. Thus, they can ruin the paint of the car. To remove bird droppings, you must pre-soak your car using a mild soap, car wash sponge, and spray. You should then rinse off each part for at least ten minutes. In this way, you can keep the color of your car intact.

Sun damage prevention

Sun rays are known to cause premature fading and oxidation of the vehicle’s paint. Thus, you are advised to park the vehicle in a shaded area. Other than increasing the lifespan of the paint, it can also protect its rubberized trim and headlights. Wax protection is regarded as an effective way of maintaining a glossy look of a car. If you want to give your car some additional protection, you can use paint protection film kits.

Pay attention to tires

When handling wheels, you should take a lot of caution. You can get rid of grime and mud. This means that you must clean your tires using a proven protecting agent. It is necessary to give importance on wheels as they safeguard the health of a car.

Do not forget windshields and windows

t2gwedf6yhwed78ji22You should clean the windshields and windows on a routine basis. You can use a mixture of water and vinegar to remove dirt naturally. Nowadays, several commercial products can be used for cleaning different parts of a vehicle. Ensure you clean side mirrors, and rear view mirrors as they help you to have a clear view as you drive.

It is true there are many other methods of keeping the sheen and glaze of your car. Ensure you follow the required routine maintenance plan. If you aim to have the car feel and look just new, then follow the above tips. The good thing about maintaining the appearance of the car is that you can resale it at a reasonable price.…

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