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See More Pictures of the First Weekend of the Kentucky Elk Hunt

Reported New World Record Elk.. Appears to be a 9 X 12. It was taken on Fenced Property and will likely not be recognized as the World Record by Boone and Crocket or Pope and Young.

See Full Size Pictures of this Elk Duel Click Here

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Hunting News.. From Various Sources.. including Safari Club of America.
Updated September 6, 2006

New Jersey Activist Gets Jail Term for Harassing Hunters (click for details)A New Jersey woman and three other anti-hunting activists were sentenced on August 31 for obstructing two bear hunters during the 2005 New Jersey bear hunting season.

Merger of Animal Rights Organizations Spells Trouble for Sportsmen (click for details)On September 1, the Humane Society of the United States announced that it has merged with the Doris Day Animal League. The merger results in an additional 180,000 members for the Humane Society of the United States, already the nation’s largest animal rights organization.

Another Study Finds Deer Birth Control Ineffective (click for details)Recent studies conducted by the National Wildlife Research Center found that use of contraception is not an effective means of controlling deer overpopulation.

US Spoprtsmans Alliance

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Colorado Considering Sportsmen
In a follow up to an earlier Crosshairs story on elk kills in the Rocky Mountain National Park (5-26-06), Colorado officials are now debating the use of sportsmen to help thin herds on Federal land. Hunting by sportsmen is not legally allowed on Park lands but the state is looking into the idea of using sportsmen as agents of the state Division of Wildlife in order to accomplish its goals. According to some estimates, this would save the state $18 million dollars. The state is also working with its federal congressional delegation to change the law prohibiting the use of sportsmen on federal lands if the efforts are designed to help the overall management and conservation of the species. We will keep you posted. (Source: Denver Post)

Championing Wolf Control, State Wildlife Management Authority and Sustainable Use Conservation
On August 1, 2006, SCI moved to intervene in a lawsuit brought by HSUS and other animal rights groups that attempts to rob the state of Wisconsin of its ability to effectively control problem wolves. HSUS is challenging a permit, issued to Wisconsin by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that gives the state authority to use lethal and non-lethal methods to remove wolves that prey on livestock and pets. To date, Wisconsin has used the permit to remove 18 problem wolves. The animal rights group plaintiffs have asked the Court to immediately stop any further wolf control via these permits. SCI has asked to defend the permit authority and has demonstrated to the Court the harm caused by problem wolves and the benefit to conservation served by proper control and management of this predator species.

Cooperative Conservation Listening Sessions
The Department of Interior has announced 8 listening sessions designed to give citizens an opportunity to exchange ideas on incentives, partnership programs, and regulations that can improve results and promote cooperative conservation and environmental partnerships. These sessions are a great way to talk about needed changes to the Endangered Species Act amongst other priorities. SCI will be supplying talking points on ESA issues in the near future. (Source: CA News Bytes; DOI)

Materials Available
The National Shooting Sports Foundation has created important safety, conservation and ethics messages for target shooters and hunters. These messages go hand-in-hand with being responsible sportsmen and well-prepared ambassadors for hunting and the shooting sports. You can view and order these brochures online at or call 203-426-1320.